Match Click: Recruting Daily

Match-Click #video Job descriptions – Product of the Year Award Winner #HRTechconf

Traditional job descriptions are lacking. They are boring; lazy at best. They are non engaging and have drop off rates higher than the...

Video Interviewing

Video Interviewing descends on HR Technology Conference #hrtechconf

The difference between 2013 and 2014 at HR Tech is significant. Meaning technology has truly taken a front seat here with vendors as the...

HiringSolved a Quick Review

What is HiringSolved? HiringSolved makes it faster and easier to find the right person for any job. Our people aggregator gathers data from...

Cool Tools: Wearable Tech in the Workplace

The Cool Tools Show’s Craig Fisher and Lars Schmidt discuss wearable tech and how it is effecting the workplace. Guest Brady Bruner...

Meet Mode: Bringing The Future of Data To Recruiting Today

We talk a lot about “big data” a lot in recruiting, but while we know it’s a big deal, most of us aren’t really...

Replacing Rapportive + Top Recruiter Talk – Cool Tools Show

The latest on Rapportive and how to replace the functionality that Linkedin has removed from the app.

Cool Tools Show: Gozaik’s Joe Budzienski – Dawn Of The Twitter Resume

Learn more about the details of a twitter resume.

Social Media publishing

Cool Tools Show: Buffer’s Chief Happiness Officer, Carolyn Kopprasch – Social Media Publishing

Tips on social media publishing - podcast.

Small Companies, Big Need: HR Technology & Small Business Recruiting

Guest Post by Kyle Lagunas – Talent Acquisition Analyst, Brandon Hall Group As many of you know, Brandon Hall Group launched its...

Evil Empire: LinkedIn Lawsuit Set Dangerous Double Standard

Sell Hack has one employee who spends most of his time working at a completely unrelated startup, has no budget and doesn’t even warrant...

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