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You Aren’t A Good Fit – Veteran’s Day Salute

My Mom used to hang up on the military recruiters when they would call. I still remember the way the recruiter on the other end of the line...

Does Your ATS Stack Up To The Best In Class for 2016?

Take the quiz now to see how you rank among your peers

How to use Tumblr for Recruiting

How to use Tumblr for Recruiting

I can’t remember the last time I used Tumblr – besides maybe a one off campaign where some CEO insisted that we use the...

Does Wearable Technology Fit Into Recruiting?

Wearable Technology is a huge part of our day to day lives, with everything from 3-D printers, unmanned drones and virtual reality...

Projects in LinkedIn Recruiter: The Average, The Bad and the Ugly

This week, Linkedin released their own CRM style sourcing tool. Social media, marketing and recruiting all in one place; it seems like the...

Replacing Rapportive + Top Recruiter Talk – Cool Tools Show

The latest on Rapportive and how to replace the functionality that Linkedin has removed from the app.

Cool Tools Show: Gild’s Brad Warga – Big Data Meets Recruiting

Do you know how to use Big Data for recruiting? We can help.

Cool Tools Show: Gozaik’s Joe Budzienski – Dawn Of The Twitter Resume

Learn more about the details of a twitter resume.

Social Media publishing

Cool Tools Show: Buffer’s Chief Happiness Officer, Carolyn Kopprasch – Social Media Publishing

Tips on social media publishing - podcast.

Cool Tools Show: GreenJobInterview’s Greg Rokos – Video Interviewing

An interview on video interviewing.

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