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What’s in your Xobni?

Have you ever gotten just totally obliterated with 500 emails a day? Never? Really? Well, I do and it happens every day. Obviously email...

Google Stop Words?

Did you know that when you are entering in search terms and phrases with Google, most of your term entered are forgotten?

KwMap is the keyword map for the Internet. What does this mean? Simple, all you need to do is head over to

So you use Technorati and you are tired of looking at the same site over and over? Well, here is another good blog search

First off, I have to welcome the members of LIRN from our LinkedIn group! Over 3K strong and still growing. And I can't forget the home...

Cluster your results for a better search

It's an engine I've been using for a while now and one that I wrote about brielfy before. But if you have not touched this site yet, you...

Search Search Search... It seems like sometimes this is all we ever do right? Have you ever taken the time to search 15 different engines

"define" search command with Google

As you get deep into search and sourcing for candidates, you may find yourself in a bit of a pickle not understanding terms.

The Way Back Machine

So, have you ever thought you saw some information last year on a site but come to find that you just can't locate the info.

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