The LinkedIn App: High Volume mailing application: REMOVED

A few days ago we posted a review on a new app that allows users to mass email the results of their search on LinkedIn. The posting received an overwhleming response and alot of our readers found some value in the

 app. In the posting (Which is now removed) we asked that you use this tool at your own discretion and encouraged you to evaluate the tool prior to using it as it walked a fine line to violating LinkedIn’s policy on using 3rd party apps.

We spoke with the app’s creators directly to learn about the app and their roadmap and we were subsequently approached by the privacy team at LinkedIn and asked to remove the post and video as it vilotes their terms of service.

In good faith we removed the posting but understand that it’s our duty to bring unbiased reviews and that is what we will continue to do.

Here are some other LinkedIn Tutorials and articles that we can recommend:





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  • Just a quick note about this application… People should know that it's a third party application and I don't know if this is endorsed by Linkedin or not. I would proceed with caution when using services like this and make sure they are following all of the guidelines set by Linkedin.

  • Steve Crowther

    I talked to the developers of the software this morning and according to them the software does not circumvent any measures to prevent sending emails to anyone you are reaching out to in your network. The software simply allows you to use all the services LinkedIn offers to its members including free members and automates the process. LinkedIn can’t tell the difference between a real user sending messages and the software sending the messages. It’s advised that you only send out 800-900 emails per day per account. They also recommended that you create several LinkedIn accounts and join as many job groups as possible so that you can expand your network out very quickly and to millions of potential clients. Hope this clarifies things for everyone! You can reach CoMergent by email at or their office line at (904)329-4003 I spoke to Robert and had a great conversation with him. I think the customer service end of this will be very good and helpful.

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  • alintz

    I am installing now. Great find.

  • ryanleary

    Miles – you are correct. It is a 3rd party and not Linked. As with all apps, proceed with caution. I will have more detilas as the app progresses. Thanks for reading an dpass it on.

  • Silverwing32

    This is an awesome app and runs great it is really an awesome find!

  • Chet Volpe

    Very cool tool… just tried it. As for your con #3, all the outgoing emails are in your linkedin sent folder…

    I had 35 results for my search but it only sent 12… will try with a different search later.


    Chet Volpe
    Senior Recruiter
    303-578-9288 (voice or text)

    Link to me on LinkedIn
    Follow me on Twitter
    My Job Seeker Blog is

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  • jasonalba

    A word of caution – LI doesn't care for apps that scrape data from their system, or that do things like this in bulk. I've seen apps come along and then stop working because of a change that LI does… until something like this is developed by LI OR uses their API (which means they have permission since they hardly give anyone access to the API), the biggest risk is that you can lose your LI account.

    Steve says they recommend you set up several LI accounts, which is against the terms of service and seems a little blackhat…

    I'm not bashing the product (great idea) but just be careful or you might find yourself without your LI account.

    (I'm definitely not a rep for LinkedIn, but I've seen a lot of stuff over the last few years since my LinkedIn book came out)

  • Guest

    Here are 4 TOS items in the LinkedIn Terms of Service that this App breaks…

    1) Use bots or other automated methods to add or download contacts, send or redirect messages or other permitted activities other than through LinkedIn-sanctioned tools such as its application programming interfaces or its own services or integrations with other, partner services;

    2) Access, via automated or manual means or processes, LinkedIn for purposes of monitoring its availability, performance or functionality or for any competitive purpose;

    3) Engage in “framing,” “mirroring,” or otherwise simulating the appearance or function of LinkedIn’s website;

    4) Attempt to or actually access LinkedIn by any means other than through the interfaces provided by LinkedIn;

  • Richard Murphy

    So far, so good. If the app stalls, scroll down to the bottom of the page of results and click next and it will start up again. (you may have to do this numerous times)

    Great Tool!!

  • Tyann

    Downloaded the App, sent out 450 messages looking for logistic engineers and have already got back 74 responses within the first 3 hours… This is an awesome tool! I hope it stays in Beta for a while so i can play for free! I will definently buy this when they start selling it.

  • Das

    Unable to install and open app. Warning display reads “This license is done, contact your provider, Thanks”

  • Yes, I would definitely say do not set up multiple accounts, definitely could get you kicked out. It's like Facebook – with your account you are stating that it's you – it's against the terms of service to have more than one account for an individual.

  • Good find Ryan. I like the concept however I know how I feel when receiving mass mailings, I rarely read them. I don't want to find my targeted audience deleting my message before I even have a chance to be heard. Please let me know your experiences. Since I have worked hard to build the connections and specific networks on LinkedIn since 2003; I would be pretty bummed if my account got deleted. I doubt that they would miss my (business plus) $500 per year.



  • Steve Crowther

    You need to download a new app from this site using the link above and you should have an app that works fine, thats where i downloaded my version and have had no problems!

  • Raj

    Can you please post the link, for some reason Its telling me to install windows installer.

    Thanks !

  • Another word of caution. Last week LI made specially hard for development companies to create automated tools like this by adding selective captchas to some actions that were performed too frequently (like searching several times per minute with same account). I know at least one vendor with a tool similar to this one that has been affected by that.

    With this statement I mean, and jasonalba is right, LI right now doesn't care too much (or at least they do appear to not care) but eventually they could get pissed off and ban your LI account or even ban your IP i.e. ban your entire company from accessing LI.

  • Jullianaawesome

    is there a way to send messages to one group members using this app?

  • Jullianaawesome

    is there a way to send messages to one group members using this app?

  • Anonymous

    I installed and received the same error message.

  • Das

    Still getting “This license is done, contact your provider, Thanks.” alert after installation. Is there a bug with this install?

  • lauriedesautels

    I installed and received the same error message.

  • Das

    Still getting “This license is done, contact your provider, Thanks.” alert after installation. Is there a bug with this install?

  • I wonder how good the service is… mainly because I received about seven (spam?) emails from the creators of this tool themselves last week. If there service was good enough it would recognize that they’ve already emailed me and not re-send. * This is your Con #3 above – a very real concern.

    I also question how it’s possible that they are living within Linkedin’s guidelines. I’ve read those guidelines and don’t see how Linkedin would allow this.

  • CS

    I’ve downloaded this app and get a prompt that says “The license is done, contact your provider.” ??

  • Jconant

    Hi George,
    I tried to down load the application.
    I just get a message that says “The lience is done, contact your provider, Thanks”
    The aplication page frame shows up but nothing is in it.

    What do I need to do to get this running?


  • This does look like a clever app thats saves you time.

    However I would advise you to consider its sue carefully.

    Several comments point to the breaking of LinkedIn TOS with this application.

    LinkedIn can recognise the use of automation in scraping details from profile searches, this will be based on measuring how many searches and messages you send out, if it is more than can be done manually, according to their metrics you may well find your account suspended.

    Will having your account suspended save you time ? Will losing your account for breaking the TOS work for your business ?

    You may wish to consider using different methods for contacting people in a relevant way.


  • QueenEve

    still no response about the license done comment???

    • I am looking into that now. I just sent an email out to them.

  • We often try to outsmart the machine. Raging against it (LI) isn’t a good idea since we all get tremendous value from the network. Sometimes, although not often, the machine pushes back and hits the ‘eject’ button. That’s the power in being the true source of the value itself.

    • I agree Josh. With that said, that is why we pulled it down. LI was NEVER rude or “Big Brotherish” in anyway. They simply made a call. I agree with you though. The network is great and the value is great where it is. Circumventing the system will only create crappy results in the end.

  • A wise move I think. It is impressive I think on the part of LinkedIn to make the call, I have had discussions with them on various matters that were similar and have found that the react in a most professional and understanding way, but also have very clear guidelines and policy that they stick too.
    That is good news for all members, it is after all, how LinkedIn protects your privacy.

  • Wish I had downloaded this app before it was removed …. 🙁

  • Mitch


    Were the guys put out of business by LI? I used the app, which was great by the way, for several months and had spoken with them myself to fix a couple of technical problems. I can’t find the contact info anymore… I went to go use it again and it seems like they’re gone. Do you know if they were booted from business with a C&D?


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