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eiTalent: Getting To the Core of Your Culture

One of the most reliable indicators of quality of hire is the ever-elusive concept of “fit,” but accurately predicting whether or not a...


Searching LinkedIn, Google, and Bing for Recruiters

Excellent video by Shane McCusker of Intelligence Recruitment Software originally posted on RecruitingBlogs.com.


Free Recruiting Webinar: Building Your Talent Community In 30 Minutes A Day by Maren Hogan

  Maren Hogan – Talent Community Expert, Social Media Maven, all around cool person. Our last webinar went over the limit over...


50 Awesome Search Engines and more for #Recruiters

RecrutingTools has become a deep database of knowledge, tools and resources that may or may not be used by recruiters. We are in the...


11 Research, Data Capture and Search Engine Tools from our readers for #Recruiters

Throughout the last year we’ve posted on many search tools, technigques and apps that can be utilized by recruiters. Not all of these...


iMetaSearch: A Powerful new Windows search tool #recruiting #sourcing

Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) is what stands between Google and iMetaSearch. Now I won’t profess to be a expert in this area, but I will...


Talent Communities are great. The Recruiters Suck

This is a serious problem that will only lead to greater failures. These are large mega companies with billion dollar brands and trillion...


People Search with Zoominfo

Sourcing for candidates can be simple or it can be frustrating. Putting aside the intricacies of deep web searching this series will be...

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Present yourself with SlideShare

SlideShare is also a great place to keep up with an incredibly wide assortment of presentations and information specifically related to...


#Recruiting with Google Tools To Save Time

In October I spoke at ProjectSAME (for you outside the DC Metro area that it the Staffing Alliance of Maryland Employers). The...