Product Review: Mighty Recruiter


  • Flexibility 9
  • Ease of Use10
  • Pricing9
  • Accuracy 9
  • Cool Factor8
  • 9


    Mighty Recruiter is a job posting service and resume database with over 10 million resumes. It helps you maximize the most bang for your buck.


In a new series on RecruitingTools, each week I’ll be featuring a newly discovered recruiting tool – breaking down the features and use cases for sourcing and recruiting experts. These short and sweet tool breakdowns will give you a sneak peek into the latest and greatest tools I’m using to source right now.

Mighty Recruiter is one of the first tools I explored when OpExpert opened. We are a small budget firm in comparison to a lot of companies so we were looking for a light Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that was easy to use, could allow us to post our jobs to multiple job boards, had some type of reporting feature and was cheap affordable. Mighty Recruiter had all of those things plus came with a proprietary candidate database so we were in. We have been using the tool since March 2016.

First, I want to show you the job posting feature. This free job posting feature allows you to post your jobs on many job boards such as LinkedIn and Monster. OpExpert does not pay for premium postings but,  as you can see below, there is very little difference between a paid posting and an inorganic posting.

Exhibit #1: LinkedIn Postings



Exhibit #2: Monster Postings


Resume Database

  • The resume database is very comprehensive. I was able to find profiles on almost any niche skill in the marketplace.

Reporting Tools

Data is provided to give a complete view on what job boards are providing the most applicants.

Exhibit #3: Reporting Feature



  • Feed directly into any ATS by providing a link with each job posting.
  • If you don’t have any ATS, you can use Mighty Recruiter as an ATS with limited functions. You can also post your jobs directly to your company website using a script.

Exhibit #4: Mighty Recruiter Posting on Company Website


Mighty Recruiter also provides a career site for your company.

Mighty Recruiter is a fairly new tool and they constantly adding new features every day. The resume database is also growing. The tool has been effective for us to find new candidates. We have also been able to engage candidates through the chat feature. Overall, it is a great tool and I am excited to see what new features will be added in the coming months.

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Tanya Bourque is CEO of OpExpert, a staffing firm based in Wyomissing, PA.  She is a  technology enthusiast who is obsessed with finding the best tools available for recruiters.She has experience with sourcing, marketing tools, CRMs, and applicant tracking systems. You can connect with her on LinkedIn or follow her on Twitter.


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