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How to use Chrome Extensions

I’m of the mindset that there’s no sense in hoarding knowledge in the workplace, and the recruitment/sourcing industry is no exception. Depending on the type of recruitment you work in (whether it be staffing, direct placement, or in my case, RPO), fellow colleagues can be outright selfish pricks when it comes to sharing experiences and information. I’ve never seen the logic in that approach, as I believe that the stronger and wiser my team is, the stronger and wiser I become. 

So, I try my best to share whatever I can, whenever I can, when I believe it will help those around me to better succeed. I do a fair amount of reading up on industry news and technology across many different sites across the web (including phenomenal sources such as, wink wink) on a weekly basis, so I basically filter out the fluff and buzzword-filled bullshit that I consume and pass along the gems worth knowing about to the rest of the group. Usually, this information is disseminated via an office-wide email, most likely to be “marked read” and either filed away and forgotten in a subfolder with my dumb name on it or sent directly to Deleted Items. I’ve got no beef with that, as I’m well aware of the barrage of emails we sift through day in and day out, and it’s hard at times to distinguish which are keepers and which ones can kiss the bottom of the recycling bin.

Sensing that was becoming the norm in my office, I thought it would be a good idea to switch up my approach and offer to lead a series of “Lunch & Learns” rooted in sourcing technology and things of the like. I’ve conducted a couple of similar courses in the past, but this would be the first with my current colleagues. I didn’t want to kick things off with a subject that sounded too lame or complex on the surface, so I opted to designate Chrome Extensions as the focal point of the first installment. I taped a sign-up sheet to the front desk, sent out the invite and hoped for the best. Once it was later announced that there would be free pizza, there was a sudden and miraculous surge in names added to the roster and we were all set for our first class!

Everyone in attendance stated that they learned a lot, many even confessed that they’d never used or even heard of a Chrome extension and that they were excited to start using them right away. If you’re relatively new to the industry, this webinar could be a great tool for you to get started with extensions. Based on the feedback I received, I plan on conducting a second installment sometime in the coming weeks, taking a look at a wider range of options that are available in the Chrome Web Store. I’ll be sure to share the recording of part two with you all once that takes place, but in the meantime check out part one and let me know your thoughts! 


About our Author:

Dan Louks has been working in RPO for about three years now, having spent time as both a Recruiter and a Sourcer. In a previous life, he has worked primarily in radio broadcasting and retail sales. Married with a four-year-old daughter, he is either hanging out with them or playing retro video games in my free time. Connect with him on  LinkedIn or connect with him on Twitter.

After having spent most of his adult life working various roles in Retail Sales/Management and Radio Broadcasting, Dan Louks has spent the last three years in the RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) industry. During that time, he’s had the opportunity to serve in both Recruiting and Sourcing positions, which allowed him to realize that Sourcing was where he belonged. As a married, father-of-one, most of his free time is spent either with his family, or obsessing over something in the nerdosphere. Connect with Dan on LinkedIn or on Twitter.

  • This is how many of the great sourcing CoE’s began. Keep it up, Dan! You will eventually have colleagues capable of co-presenting so you can relieve the burden on yourself and introduce a diversity of perspectives (e.g., ask Marvin Smith & Dean Da Costa), and you may end up training at your RPO offices around the world in value-added sessions, too (e.g., ask Jim Stroud).

    • I really appreciate the kind words! We’re currently a smaller operation, but we’ve got massive growth on the horizon. So I’m looking forward the opportunity to, as you said, perhaps travel to other offices and so forth and spread the knowledge even further. Right now, our sourcing/research group is running extremely lean, but we plan to expand very soon. When that happens, I’d love to train up some colleagues as well. Thanks again!

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