Find Candidates Market Value: CompGenome

Comp Genome is an app that searches your professional experience, education, skills, current and past job titles, and others to find candidates market value. This enables you to negotiate better with both clients and candidates to rectify any deficiencies in compensation.

They’ve got a team of data scientists that leverage techniques in machine learning, multivariate statistics, natural language processing and information retrieval to understand your profile and describe who you are and how your compensation relates to other similar professionals.

This process begins by extracting the appropriate signals from different profiles, and grouping similar profiles together. Once profiles are grouped together, CompGenome can identify niche groups of professionals who are enriched with similar attributes to those in other groups. This is how CompGenome defines what “market” is comprised of: yourself and other professionals like you with similar education, experience, skills, etc.

From this point, CompGenome is then able to accurately estimate various elements of the compensation to understand the distribution of market compensation for similar profiles with far more depth than just company, location or title.

When you create your profile with Facebook or Google they use your:

  • Work experience and education to estimate your market value.
  • Location to apply a local cost of living adjustment.
  • Email to contact you with relevant market value information.

You will have an advantage when you find candidates market value – better check that you are getting paid fairly too!



dean_dacostaAbout the Author: Dean Da Costa is a highly experienced and decorated recruiter, sourcer and manager with deep skills and experience in HR, project management, training & process improvement.

Dean is best known for his work in the highly specialized secured clearance and mobile arenas, where he has been a top performing recruiter and sourcer.  Dean’s keen insight and creation of innovative tools and processes for enhancing and changing staffing has established Dean as one of the top authorities in sourcing and recruiting. Connect with Dean at LinkedIn or follow @DeanDaCosta on Twitter.

Dean Da Costa is a highly experienced and decorated staffing professional, recruiter, sourcer and manager, who also boasts outstanding experience and skills in Human Resources, Project Management, Training, and Process Improvement. He is best known for his work in the highly difficult security and mobile arena's, and the gold star winning numbers he produced. His keen insight and creation of ground breaking tools and processes, to enhance and change staffing as we know it, have proven he is a true "Staffing Thought Leader". Despite all this he remains first and foremost one of the top sourcers, staffing managers and full cycle recruiters in the industry and a true "Search Authority"

  • plhjr

    Glad you enjoyed the product! Please let us know, as a recruiter if there are things you’d like to see.

    Patrick Co-Founder/Chief Data Scientist – CompGenome

    • Dean

      Patrick when I first tested this and then did the video you could find it in the Chrome store, and it worked in LInkedin. When will it come back in the store and will it work like it did before? It was a great tool, and t would be great to have it working like that again

      • Nikhil Raj

        Thanks Dean. We are re-working the extension to add additional functionality that we think you will find to be very helpful. Will keep you posted. In the meantime, let us know if you have any other things you are interested in.

        Co-founder / Chief Product Officer – CompGenome

        • Dean Da Costa

          Do you have an ETA when it will be up again?

          • Nikhil Raj

            Thanks for the note Dean.

            We’ve gone in a slightly different direction, so have not enabled the extension yet. Let me look into pulling it out of the back burner.

            How would you like to use it?

          • Dean Da Costa

            The way it was set up if we were on a linkedin profile it would show us there likely compensation, or I guess the avg for that position and geo. That is great for us recruiters as it gives us some needed info,and it would be a great thing that would help us push your product to candidates as they would want to see it.

          • Nikhil Raj

            Thanks Dean. Yes, understood. Let me get back to you… Nikhil

          • Dean Da Costa

            Any update Nikhil?

  • Michael Deeb

    It seems that his has been taken down from the Chrome Web Store, is there a way for me to download the extension?

  • Dean

    Yeah I actually just noticed that myself.I am contacting the company to see

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