Done in a Snap: Recruiting with Snapchat.

Recruiting with SnapchatI will admit it – I am getting old. And sometimes, it is reflected in the way I recruit; You know, with a good ‘ol phone, spreadsheet and a pencil. Yes, I can get recruiting done that way, but it may not be the most efficient anymore.  Obviously, since I am the editor for, I am always chasing down the best tech for recruiting but recruiting with Snapchat sounded crazy to me. I have used social for a long time but have really stuck to LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook . I have even looked at Tumblr and Flipboard. But Snapchat? No way.

It is good to try new ideas however so, on our Feb. 3 Blab, Katrina Kibben and I invited Jose Watson a recruiter for Lowes Home improvement. He refers to himself as a newbie recruiter but he taught some of us old school recruiters how to use Snapchat as a social recruiting tool. He has had success using it and we were dying to find out how.

We also had a special guest, Snapchat aficionado and all around cool guy, Shaun Ayala. So grab a coffee and some headphones and enjoy our Blab.  You will have some laughs and learn something aboput Snapchat for recruiting too!

4 Key Recruitng With Snapchat Takeaways:

  • Use Snapchat at Job Fairs.
  • Post QR Codes for Snapchat Branding.
  • Record “Stories” at Work.
  • Learn more about Snapchat on


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