Out of Context: Context Scout Calls it Quits

Context Scout is a tool we have reviewed several times over the past year. So you can understand my shock when I received an email with the subject “Goodbye from Context Scout” today.  Here is what it said:

Dear jackye@recruitingdaily.com,

Six months ago Andy and I set out to change how professionals access, validate and utilise the power of the web when completing tasks. We believed that technologically it was possible to deliver a pre-emptive search assistant which could learn to fulfil your search criteria in a personalised and efficient way – freeing you to get on with making the important decisions.

Along the way we created a tool focused on the recruitment profession that is now used by thousands of recruiters and hiring managers across the world. Our tool saved thousands of hours of time and effort typically spent sourcing for candidate information online. We’re proud of the product we built, but even more so, we’re more proud and thankful to all those who believed in our mission and supported us along the way.

It is therefore with a very heavy heart that we have decided to close the service. We’ve come a long way in the last six months and our ideas have developed sufficiently so that continuation of this product no longer makes sense. We have big ideas on how we will change web search and this is will be our focus moving forward. We will continue to work with some of our existing customers in pursuit of this vision and we will be back in touch with you when we have an even better product in the future.

As for how this will effect you, the Context Scout Chrome extension will soon cease to operate and your LinkedIn profiles will return to normal. You should also uninstall the extension by going to chrome://extensions and removing the extension. For paid customers your subscription will end immediately and you will be refunded outstanding balances on a pro-rated basis. We will be in touch separately with more information regarding this.

We’d once again like to thank everyone who helped us get to where we are and would like to wish you all the best from the Context Scout team. May you always find what you are looking for, both professionally and in life.

Marc and Andy

I hate that this Chrome Extension is going away, but I can’t wait to see what Marc and Andy come up with next.

About the Author: Jackye Clayton is recognized as a people expert who puts the Human in Human Resources. An international trainer, she has travelled worldwide sharing her unique gifts in sourcing, recruiting and coaching. She offers various dynamic presentations on numerous topics related to leadership development, inclusionary culture development, team building and more. Her in-depth experience in working with top Fortune and Inc 500 clients and their employees has allowed her to create customized programs to coach, train and recruit top talent and inspire others to greatness. Follow Jackye on Twitter @JackyeClayton or connect with her on LinkedIn.

  • maureensharib

    Sounds to me maybe ContextScout is one of those LinkedIn is scaring off the map with its latest “100” legal actions. This may be a consequence of the growing volume of legal maneuverings developing in the pre-closing skirmishes coming out of the on-going/continuing due diligence and surprise discoveries that go on before closings to limit clawback clauses and rough renegotiations in the nasty battles that go on before closings in deals like the Microsoft-LinkedIn betrothal. With sale prices the likes of which Yahoo and Monster have fetched in the early morning hours of the Hand-Over-The-Money Day, Microsoft must be blinking like a groom in bright sunlight discovering a mail-order bride from Russia ain’t exactly what he thought she was.

  • Mike Chuidian 

    I got this message too and it’s a bummer. But we’ll see what they can come up with next. I agree with Maureen. Since Linkedin has been a little bitch about “protecting” their database of people, But you know what? We are always going to find a way to access data from LI no matter what from a “free” perspective. Sourcers hack game is too strong. 🙂

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