Boolean Power Search #7 : Top Level Domain Search

domains-headerWhen you do a standard boolean search, you will get results from all over the web. But what if you want to find teachers or students? Do you want all the results or just .edu results? Add that to the string. If you are searching for resumes from candidates in the UK, you should make sure all of your results are from a URL that contains .uk. The trick  is understanding the boolean search terms, also known as boolean operators.

What is Boolean anyway? 

The term “Boolean,” often encountered when doing searches on the Web (and sometimes spelled “boolean”), refers to a system of logical thought developed by the English mathematician and computer pioneer, George Boole (1815-64). In Boolean searching, an “and” operator between two words or other values (for example, “pear AND apple”) means one is searching for documents containing both of the words or values, not just one of them. An “or” operator between two words or other values (for example, “pear OR apple”) means one is searching for documents containing either of the words.


The Boolean Search Terms Used for this Search are:

Intitle:Resume –

Results will show when the word “Resume” is in the document name.

Inurl:Resume –

Results will show where the word Finds the word “Resume” in the address of the page.

Or –

With OR  you are able to get broader results by adding all of the potential results that are acceptable. This is especially helpful if you add synonyms.


Allows you to get results from a particular site or domain.

  • Example: will allow you to search from Google.


Will narrow your search by allowing it to eliminate search terms following the keyword. This is helpful if you are seeking very particular results.

Watch the video below to learn how to do a Boolean Top Level Domain search.

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