Boolean Power Search #5 : Searching Facebook

Boolean search Facebook

Did you know you could search Facebook on Google? You can as long as you know Boolean.  Our Boolean search for Facebook is going to focus on searching in Facebook Groups.

In Facebook Groups, people connect with common interests. That is why it is a great place to search. By using keywords, you can find multiple Facebook users interested in Accounting, Software Development, even servers for restaurants all in one place.

The Boolean operators for our search include:


Allows you to get results from a particular site or domain.

  • Example: will allow you to search from Google.


If you include inurl: in your search, Google will only respond with results that  contain that word in the  URL.

Example: [inurl:boolean] will only show you posts on RecruitingTools URL that contain the word “boolean.”

” “:

When you add quotes around a word or phrase, it will give you results that only include the exact word or phrase in the same order as what you put in the quotes.

  • Example: “Recruiting Tools” or “Jackye”

Watch below so you can Boolean Search Facebook:

About the Author: Jackye Clayton is recognized as a people expert who puts the Human in Human Resources. An international trainer, she has travelled worldwide sharing her unique gifts in sourcing, recruiting and coaching. She offers various dynamic presentations on numerous topics related to leadership development, inclusionary culture development, team building and more. Her in-depth experience in working with top Fortune and Inc 500 clients and their employees has allowed her to create customized programs to coach, train and recruit top talent and inspire others to greatness. Follow Jackye on Twitter @JackyeClayton or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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